Southeast X-Ray, Inc. and its subsidiary, SXR Medical Evaluations is proud to sponsor the Hallett Advanced Rider Training Program. As motorcycle enthusiasts, we believe that rider education is fundamental to the safety, enjoyment, and advancement of our sport.

Hart is taught at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit a 1.8 mile, 10 turn Road Racing course in the rolling Osage Hills of North Eastern Oklahoma. It is located 35 miles west of Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the Highway 99 exit of the Cimarron Turnpike.

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Our program is primarily designed to improve street riding skills by introducing the advantage of track instruction, enhanced by classroom sessions. Our curriculum takes a multifaceted approach, with an instructor based program designed for all levels of rider's expertise.
Our program's focus is on the typical motorcycle street rider who is interested in exploring and expanding the potential of their equipment and ability. Although many of our enrollees have track experience, the novice group is separated to allow for individual instruction without the worries of a speed differential of faster and/or more experienced riders.
Our focus is on the typical street rider; therefore, our team of professional riding instructors is comprised of street oriented riders, who have cumulatively logged over a million miles. Moreover, these "street instructors" are track proficient as well as highly qualified coaches who have logged thousands of track miles as motorcycle riding and safety instructors. There is no safer place to discover new techniques than at Hallett Advanced Rider Training.

Brief Course Outline

Appropriate Lines
Line of Vision
Body Position
Throttle Management
Smooth Shifting and Braking
Counter-Steering vs. Body-Steering
How to Avoid Panic Reactions
Safety Equipment


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